Friday, December 17, 2010

service pump

Here I am to ajaq, mcam na Kat wants to change the type of proton pump pound your rear brake ...

Tool Requirements:

Mirimetorufurearenchi 10.
10 offset wrench.
Socket 24.
Wed blower.
Gripping Tang

Employment measures:

Your first opened, remove the wheel nuts.
Open the brake drum. (The main character, using a hammer and a bolt 12, engaging the brake drum of drums, percussion, while issuing Saga Iswara, issued to remove the drum size 24 pin and nut)
Completely open and drum brakes, hard. Not difficult remove All. Kyletroublesome layer pa, IKM learned through time, all ajaq crazy to pay teachers, Sohtensile fatigue .. ..
Then, the brake fluid brake fluid keluar.tak nantu kluaq ABI La such, the bleeding willstop the flow of Gripping Tang, tap the brake (rubber) modified
Brake pipe wrench used to open up a flare, to remove megikat Hoirushirindaboruto.
Remove the rear wheel Burekishirindaasenburi.
Has been replaced with new wheel cylinders.
Put the brake cylinder pipe and reassembly, remove Tang Gripping.
Please adjust the lock nut on the parking brake and pull the hand brake.
Please reinstall the brake drum.
(Need a pump attached to the vehicle brakes), no bleeding.
Please reinstall the wheel.
Do not add oil brakes and test drive.
The process is completed

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